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Please keep in mind that we do offer layaway plans for all items in our store.
--Firearm Transfer Service Inbound or Outbound--
Have you found a firearm on the internet or from an out-of-state dealer that you are
looking to purchase and have shipped to you locally?  No Problem!  GSI Pawnshop is more than happy
to serve as a transfer dealer in your transaction!

--Here's how it works--

Once you have arranged to purchase the firearm from the out of town or out of state Dealer (Copy of
FFL) needs to be provided or Individual seller (individual seller(s): must provide a copy of DL and/or
CFP permit), give us a call or stop by our office and give us the details of your purchase along with
your contact info.  
We will need to know the Seller's Fax Number or Email Address so that we
can send them a copy of our Federal Firearms License (FFL).

Once the seller receives a copy of our FFL along with our shipping address (and of course once they
have received payment from you), they will ship the firearm to our store here in Tooele.  Once we
receive the firearm, we will give you a call and notify you.  At your convenience, you will need to come
down to our store, fill out the form 4473, and we will conduct the background check, just the same as if
you were purchasing the firearm from us.  Assuming we receive a "proceed" response to the
background check, you will be able to take your new firearm home.  It's that simple!

--What we charge--
GSI charges a fee of $10.00 for incoming transfers for rifles up to 3 and charge $10.00 each for
handgun transfer. Outgoing transfers are $20.00 each plus all shipping and insurance to perform this
service for our customers.  All outgoing transfers the customer MUST provide ALL packing materials.   If
you do not possess a valid Utah Concealed Carry Permit, there will also be a $7.50 fee, for inbound
transfers (this fee is charged to us by the Utah BCI to conduct the background check, so we must pass
the cost on to you no additional).