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Have you found yourself in need of some
extra cash quickly and you don't have a
checking account?  A Vehicle Title Loan may
be the solution.  A vehicle title loan is a
financial tool designed to allow people who
have a full time job or some other reliable
source of income and who own a vehicle to
obtain a short-term loan using the vehicle's
title as collateral.   In most cases, you get to
keep driving your vehicle for the duration of
the loan.

Do you have bad credit?  No credit?  Recent
bankruptcy?  No problem!  What 's important
is the value of your vehicle and your ability to
repay the loan.
A Signature Loan can be a quick and easy
solution to a short-term financial problem.
Have you ever found yourself short on money
when your payday is still days away? Has
your budget been stretched thin by
unexpected expenses such as car repairs,
past due bills, or medical expenses? Have
you ever needed money to avoid costly
bounced check fees? A Signature Loan
allows you to borrow money for up to 30 days
by simply signing a contract agreeing to pay
back the money you have borrowed plus a
fee.   A signature loan allows you to have the
money you need, when you need it.
Checkpoint One offers our customers short term post-dated check loans as well as car title
loans.   Our rates are among the lowest in the state of Utah.  We offer flexible payment options and
strive to assist our customers with their financial needs at the lowest possible cost.

With nine offices throughout Utah, we likely have a location near you that can help you to meet your
financial goals.
We understand that there are times when a loan thru our Pawnshop may not suit your needs.  
Perhaps you are in need of a short-term loan and you don't have an item to use as collateral that is
of sufficient value to get you the money you need, or maybe you just don't want to bring your
belongings down and leave them with us.  For situations such as this, we offer our customers
short-term loans thru
Checkpoint One.  Checkpoint One provides a number of financial tools
designed to help you meet your financial needs and overcome short term cashflow problems.
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